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Stress Management In The Workplace

Change Management Consultants often tell employees to master computer skills, improve their communication style, and dress for success. However, the ability to manage stress in the workplace is equally important. Consider the following:

  • Stress-related incidents cost U.S. companies about $200 billion a year in workplace mistakes, bad decisions, and lost time, according to the International Labor Organization.
  • Each time you become upset on the job, you take approximately 10 minutes off your life.
  • Acute stress can cause corticosteroid damage, and a host of other life-threatening physical conditions according to researchers at The Ohio State School of Medicine.
Test Your Stress Management I.Q.

The following quiz is not meant to provide a medical diagnosis. Instead, it will give you a quick snapshot of how effectively you manage workplace stressors.
Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never
1. I eat well-balanced, nutritious meals each day.
2. I enjoy my work.
3. I organize and manage my time effectively.
4. I like myself.
5. I exercise on a regular basis.
6. My weight is appropriate to my height and bodily type.
7. I limit my alcoholic drinks to two or less per day.
8. I don't smoke cigarettes.
9. I limit my coffee, tea, and soft drinks to three cups/glasses per day.
10. I get sufficient sleep, and wake up each morning feeling refreshed.
11. I strike a healthful balance between my personal and professional lives.
12. My income is adequate.
13. My social support system is rich with friends, family, etc.
14. I am in control of my life, seek challenges, and look for solutions.
15. I speak about my feelings when frustrated or angry.
16. I can say "no" without feelings of guilt.
17. Headaches, teeth grinding, and back pain are not recurrent problems.
18. Depression, anxiety, fear, and fatigue are not constant issues.
19. My life is meaningful and has purpose.
20. I exercise empathy for others, use humor, and don't sweat the small stuff.

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