What Is Outplacement?

Outplacement helps job candidates successfully transition from one position to another. The process begins with self-assessment. Self-assessment determines what a client can do, will do, and is a good fit for. Once the job candidate’s ideal work preference is defined, a roadmap or job search snapshot is created. This snapshot is followed by a curriculum that specializes in job search strategy, marketing, research, resume writing, interviewing, networking, negotiation, recruitment, social media, and motivation. Outplacement coaching creates a competitive job candidate. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the first wealth is health, but the second wealth is career!” Career wealth is won. Professional athletes are coached to win games, and outplacement candidates are coached to win jobs.

Types of Outplacement
  • Internal outplacement helps job candidates successfully transition from one company position to another within the same company system. We call this Executive Leadership Coaching.
  • External outplacement helps job candidates successfully transition to employment opportunities at other companies. This type of job loss is usually the result of corporate downsizing or restructuring.
  • Retail outplacement occurs when the job candidate pays for the career transition service him/herself.
  • Corporate outplacement occurs when the job candidate’s former employer pays for the career transition service.
Candidates Are Coached by Career Transition Experts Who:
  • Support candidates in every phase of the job search competition.
  • Introduce candidates to a rich network of contacts.
  • Generate action plans needed to obtain career goals.
  • Offer the “know how” needed to make candidates look good in person and on paper.
Other Benefits
  • Nothing succeeds like success! No one can promise job placement, but outplacement prepares individuals to successfully compete for career opportunities.
  • Outplacement is the best hedge against candidate underemployment.
  • Career transition coaching educates job candidates to the “hidden job market” where the best job opportunities are never published.
  • Outplacement creates a “win-win” scenario for both the employer and job candidate. The employer is perceived as a good corporate citizen, and the job candidate is not abandoned without a career transition plan.
Outplacement Accelerates Career Transition
  • Practice doesn’t make perfect; it makes permanent. The outplacement training received by job candidates accelerates their job placement.
  • Meeting with consultants, recruiters, guest speakers, and networking contacts in both individual meetings and weekly forums energizes job candidate motivation.
  • 4-6% of job candidates secure jobs on the Internet, 5-15 % are obtained through recruiters, and about 5-10% of positions are won through public advertisements. A whopping 64-68% of job candidates use networking to secure employment. Outplacement utilizes each of these job search strategies, but gives emphasis to networking.